Recare rewards

At Family Dental Co we believe that regular preventative visits are the most effective way to maintain your oral health.  These visits may be recommended at 3, 4, or 6 month intervals.   Recare visits can help identify smaller issues before they cause problems that require treatment.  Our recare reward programs are offered to all patients who share the same vision of excellent oral health as we do!  All we ask is that you show up to your recommended preventative visits.  We realize that scheduling up to six months in advance is difficult and changes in your schedule can occur.  Reminder messages are sent two weeks prior to your visit.  We ask that any changes in your appointment time be made as soon as possible. 

Whitening for Life

A beautiful white smile can brighten your day and your oral health.  Our patients who are happiest with their smile are usually the ones who take the best care of their smile.  To help encourage our patients, we offer a whitening for life program.   Patients are automatically enrolled in our whitening for life program after purchasing a whitening service such as custom whitening trays or Boost in office whitening.   At each recare visit you will receive a free tube of Opalescence whitening gel.   This gel is the only whitening product with the ADA seal of approval.  The gel includes fluoride to help strengthen your teeth, as well as a sensitivity reliever to help you have the most comfortable whitening experience possible. 



An electric toothbrush is one of the best tools to help improve your home care.  We recommend the Oral B 5000 because it removes more plaque and reduces gingivitis more effectively than a regular manual toothbrush.  We see major improvement of gum health in our patients who use electric toothbrushes.  This brush also has a pressure indicator to prevent you from brushing too aggressively, the most common cause of gum recession.   We offer the toothbrush at a discounted rate to help improve our patients oral health.  When you keep your recommended recare appointments we provide a new brush head at no cost to you.  

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