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Whitening Options


Opalescence Go features on-the-go convenience with an enhanced tray design for an even more adaptable and more comfortable whitening experience. Its new unique tray material easily conforms to your individual smile.  And its molar-to-molar coverage ensures the gel comes in contact with more posterior teeth.   Our 20% Mint flavored Opalescence Go treatments are available in 4 packs or 10 packs and are a great way to try professional whitening with no appointments necessary. 


Opalescence take-home whitening gel offers sustained whitening power in the comfort of your own home.  The gel comes in syringes and is delivered in custom-made trays that help keep the gel on your teeth and away from your gums. It also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride.  Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity and fluoride has been shown to help reduce cavities and strengthen enamel.  The trays can be worn 30 minutes to overnight depending on the percentage of gel used.  Impressions are taken and custom trays are made in our office and delivered to you within one week along with an Opalescence starter kit.  

You will also be automatically enrolled in our Whitening for Life Recare Rewards Progam and receive a free tube of opalescence whitening gel at each recare visit.  Gel syringes are also available for purchase.  We love this system because we are able to customize it for each patient.  We can help you choose the right percentage of whitening gel for your situation and your custom trays can be used over and over again to touch up your smile when necessary. 


Boost In-Office Whitening

Opalescence Boost, a 40% hydrogen peroxide power bleaching gel, offers brighter, whiter teeth in less than one hour in the dental chair.  Opalescence Boost is chemically activated, so it starts working as soon as it is placed on your teeth.  And it doesn't require a hot, uncomfortable light.  Administered in a safe, dentist-supervised procedure, Boost can provide a quick whitening for an upcoming event or vacation.  

​​7311 W. 79th St.

Overland Park, KS 66204